Alsa Apollo Kitchens International is an LLC company specializing in the creation and manufacture of kitchen cabinets beginning its operations in Australia since 1968. With a reputation built on innovative and flexible design, expert craftsmanship and exceptional service, we’ve become the kitchen company of choice for countless home-owners, interior designers, project and commercial developers.

An unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.

Alsa Apollo Kitchens adopts a level of responsibility towards the environment. As such, Alsa Apollo is aware of the impact that waste materials have on our environment and continually strive to improve sustainability, as we comply with ADEHSMS and ISO 14001 requirements.

Apollo Kitchens takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and as such, is acutely aware of the impact that building materials have on the environment.

That’s why we’ve joined forces to work with suppliers who are members of environmental organisations, to promote environmentally friendly building practices for commercial and residential buildings.

This organisation is strongly supported by both the industry and Governments across Middle East, and is vital in developing a sustainable property industry for the country.

Furthermore, we understand the Green Star rating tool - a comprehensive, national and voluntary environmental rating system that evaluates the enviromental design and construction of buildings.

A green building incorporates design, construction and operational practices that help to minimise or eliminate its negative impact on the environment. Actively participating in these programs and applying their principles means that as a company, we’re continually striving to improve our environmental sustainability.

Working with design means imagining new ways to make rooms more beautiful and more livable. Alsa Apollo knows this full well. The company applies this same attitude even to the idea of the “space” that embraces our large mutual home "the planet Earth". And it does so through responsible use of resources, the use of renewable sources of energy and through the recycling of wastes. Taken as a whole, this behavior has a name: Alsa Apollo Green Mind.