A screen on which users can exchange and combine the surfaces of a furniture design whatever way they please – that’s the idea behind the award-winning family software VDS. In the HD LIVE version of the Virtual Design Studio (VDS), the decors are projected onto a neutral carcass using a projector. VDS LIVE Kitchen Box, providing even better support for kitchen planning, the selection of decors and the sales process. The new VDS is the ideal complement to any kitchen studio.

The system is straightforward to install and use, since all components and the hardware are preconfi gured and ready for assembly. The customer can also present their own decors and materials in addition to customising the brand image. Real and virtual are perfect partners: The projection surfaces consist of a three-metre (118.11") wide kitchen with top cabinets. The worktop thickness is variable.

The system offers a choice of handles and front element designs and profi les. With a height of 2,700 mm (106.30"), the Kitchen Box fits into any showroom. It is easy to transport and is especially useful for trade fairs.